All Project Posts:

Code you can use to improve Brizy page builder plugin for WordPress.

Group Project to Help with the PPE shortage during Covid Pandemic.

Non-perishable Recipe for Quarantine Times.

Educational graphic about wildlife myths.

Beautiful photographic calendar and fun video editing.

3D Modeling Video of Glass Flasks and Marbles

Hand-writing labeled glasses made with vinyl-cut resists and sand blasting.

I drew Illustrations for a biology book

Quite possibly the world’s best hiking kit!

Turns out clothing based on a 3D model of your body is NOT ready for prime time.

Instructions on how to make a timelapse camera system for recording seedlings.

Hunting down the true behind some badly-photoshoped fraudulent product websites.

Download, glue, and fold a printable hexaflexagon for your Valentine.

Fawn nursing from it's mother

Detailed critique of a research paper being used to make bad policy decisions.

Teosinte was bred into Corn

Animated Video about how there is DNA in your food

A laser-cut frame to help hold my cell phone centered on it’s wireless charger.

My makerspace and I were mentioned in a recent magazine article.

Brian Vespermann and I made laser cut plaques as awards for the Beer and Cheese Fest.

Brian Vespermann and I made a beer themed 3D printed trophy for OktoBEERfest.

I gave three presentations at a Data Visualization Workshop, and the helpful content is linked here.

I recently judged a poster competition and also gave a presentation on best practices for scientific posters.

Possibly, my most useful build ever: the world’s most elaborate rabbit enclosure.

I had a gallery opening of some of my Scientific Visualizations.

Making copper table legs with a propane torch and solder.

I made some holiday lighted, scented pine cones on the laser cutter.

The world’s most elaborate, laser cut, wedding invitations.

I designed a laser-cut cover for my bathroom kick-plate heating vent.

Laser cut Poison Ivy Costume with leaves actually shaped like poison ivy

Phil Roeder

An article written about how graduate school trained me to communicate science visually.

I helped with Sector67’s section of the new Madison Science Museum.

Kate Baldwin