Adobe Illustrator Projects

The Patchwork Human
I drew many figures for a new Evolution Book by Dr. Luykx!
Human Evolution Graphs
Graphs from a new evolution book
Nodule Formation Figure
A figure for a review about root nodule formation.
Stencil-Style Raccoon and Flying Squirrel
Cut-Out Decorative Screen
Designing a cut-out pattern for a trash screen, and how to preview router-cut designs in Adobe Illustrator.
Capsule pill drawing colored green and orange
Pill Drawings for Article
Medicine-themed drawings for the The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Infographic on online ads
A diagram showing the flow of money from big name brands to nefarious websites for The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.
“Subway” Style Methods Diagram
Methods diagram for a wheat experiment
Backyard DIY Hobby Screen Printing
How to screen print for fun in your backyard with only modest material investment.
Biology Congratulations Card
Using elements of a specific curriculum to make a greeting card design.
Quantum Computing
I drew this figure for Robert McDermott’s quantum computing lab at UW Madison. It accompanies their Nature paper on error correction in qubits.
Marriage Algorithm Journalism Diagram
A flow-chart style diagram for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.
Neuron Activation Diagram
Diagram introducing how neurons transfer an itch sensation to the spinal cord

Kate Baldwin