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Family trees, mythical animals, fake boar horns, and papers from 1912

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Using audio recordings of birds and insects to compile a song, of sorts.

Using elements of a specific curriculum to make a greeting card design.

made another diagram for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

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Wildlife video editing for fun.

Graphs and diagrams for a investigative journalism article.

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An analogy figure about the anti-tumor immune response.

Play this online game I made!

Code you can use to improve Brizy page builder plugin for WordPress.

Group Project to Help with the PPE shortage during Covid Pandemic.

Non-perishable Recipe for Quarantine Times.

Educational graphic about wildlife myths.

Beautiful photographic calendar and fun video editing.

Hand-writing labeled glasses made with vinyl-cut resists and sand blasting.

I drew a lot of the Illustrations in this Biology book

Quite possibly the world’s best hiking kit!

Turns out clothing based on a 3D model of your body is NOT ready for prime time.

Instructions on how to make a timelapse camera system for recording seedlings.