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A little engineering pineapple design for a cutting board.

Fun T-Shirt Design

A paper about a new rat model stain with many graphs with matching formatting.

The differences between Vector-Based and Pixel-Based images.

I wrote and illustrated a mystery book with nature themes.


Animating existing graphics

Interactive educational ventilation / perfusion animation.

The Wanagat Lab recent published a tidy short report showing that Remdesivir doesn’t effect age-related mitochondrial genome deletions. Negative results are often just as important as positive results to other researchers, so it’s good that they have this finding out there. I helped with a Graphical Abstract that sums up the gist of the paper. […]

I drew many figures for a new Evolution Book by Dr. Luykx!


Composite photos add fun and interest to a new evolution book

Graphs from a new evolution book

Photoshopping an etching for better printing on paperback-quality paper

The home-made indoor rabbit enclosure finds a new home 7 years later.

A figure for a review about root nodule formation.

Stencil-Style Raccoon and Flying Squirrel

Designing a cut-out pattern for a trash screen, and how to preview router-cut designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Capsule pill drawing colored green and orange

Medicine-themed drawings for the The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

I used an Arduino to make a robot that would give pellet food to my pet rabbit on schedule.

Family trees, mythical animals, fake boar horns, and papers from 1912

A diagram showing the flow of money from big name brands to nefarious websites for The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Methods diagram for a wheat experiment

Clever “escape room in a box” style games for Friends and Family

How to screen print for fun in your backyard with only modest material investment.

I helped the McDermott lab with a cover submission for Nature about their ground breaking work on error correction in quantum computing qubits.

Using audio recordings of birds and insects to compile a song, of sorts.

Using elements of a specific curriculum to make a greeting card design.

Illustration of γ-ray hitting a quantum computing qubit chip for the McDermott lab.

A flow-chart style diagram for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Ranked list of my favorite Escape Room puzzle games that I’ve played

Diagram introducing how neurons transfer an itch sensation to the spinal cord

Presentation on Cut-Out Door Guards

Kate Baldwin