Kate Baldwin LLC

Scientific Visual Communicator and Analytical Illustrator

Read the breakout fiction murder mystery book with biological clues.

Scientific Figures for Publications and Grants

Mock paneled Figure showing various types of info

Summary / Review Figures & Cellular Diagrams

Bacteria Diagram from Ross Lab

Bacteriology diagram for Ben Ross's lab at Dartmouth

Grant application figure example from From Randall Kimple‘s Lab

Grant application diagram from Randall Kimple‘s Lab.

Book Illustrations

The latest book I illustrated is The Patchwork Human by Dr. Luykx

Educational Animations

Video animations as well as interactive animations for the web. See some animations I've made.

Design for Laser Cutting

Infographics & Graphical Abstracts

ADA Accessible PDFs

Flowers tagged as h2, a play on tagged PDFs

Kate can make Digital PDFs created in InDesign that pass PAC 2021 standards for ADA accessibility, as briefly described in this video.

Legally, any agency that does business with a federal agency or receives federal funding should be following Section 508 guidelines. Special care must be taken in the preparation of accessible PDFs.

Journal Covers

Scientific Poster Design & Judging

Teaching Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop


Our publishing imprint, Streamwood Press, specializes in complex formatting, graphic design, and audio editing services.

Other Skills

Some projects don't fall neatly into a specific category. My broad skill set helps me tackle the new and unknown

I am expert photoshop editor with lots of experience making composite photos, vanity portrait edits, and more.

I've designed many websites for clients using a handful of different platforms. I can advise on website design and prepare on web-ready graphics and animations.

I have a lot of experience with making professional and coordinated powerpoint and google slides presentations for businesses and academia.

Although I try to focus on more science diagrams and visual communication, I've made many professional business logos in the past as well.

As a part of other projects, I have often needed to make 3D models for either 3D printing or for screen display.