Kate Baldwin LLC

Scientific Visual Communicator and Analytical Illustrator

Scientific Figures for Publications and Grants

Mock paneled Figure showing various types of info

Summary / Review Figures & Cellular Diagrams

Bacteria Diagram from Ross Lab

Bacteriology diagram for Ben Ross's lab at Dartmouth

Grant application figure example from From Randall Kimpleā€˜s Lab

Grant application diagram from Randall Kimple‘s Lab.


The latest book I illustrated is The Patchwork Human by Dr. Luykx

Design for Laser Cutting

Infographics & Graphical Abstracts

ADA Accessible PDFs

Flowers tagged as h2, a play on tagged PDFs

Kate can make Digital PDFs created in InDesign that pass PAC 2021 standards for ADA accessibility.

Legally, any agency that does business with a federal agency or receives federal funding should be following Section 508 guidelines. Special care must be taken in the preparation of accessible PDFs.

Journal Covers

Scientific Poster Design & Judging

Educational Animations

Teaching Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Other Skills

Some projects don't fall neatly into a specific category. My broad skill set helps me tackle the new and unknown

I am expert photoshop editor with lots of experience making composite photos, vanity portrait edits, and more.

I've designed many websites for clients using a handful of different platforms. I can advise on website design and prepare on web-ready graphics and animations.

I have a lot of experience with making professional and coordinated powerpoint and google slides presentations for businesses and academia.

Although I try to focus on more science diagrams and visual communication, I've made many professional business logos in the past as well.

As a part of other projects, I have often needed to make 3D models for either 3D printing or for screen display.

Kate Baldwin