I make a lot of slide decks

I am an expert slide maker (Power Point, Google Slides), and presentation planner. I am also a good coach for speakers at practice talks. I prepare many business and Industry presentations. Most are private, but here are some I can share.

Presentation Preparation

  • Complex animations in Power Point
  • Converting graphs into power point appropriate size and content
  • Import of original vector graphics into Power Point that can then be manipulated within Power Point like a ‘Microsoft shape’
  • Summarizing and condensing of text content
  • Coordinated color and font themes.

Animated Graphs & Methods

Coordinated color schemes for Power Point, GoogleSlides, and Prezi presentations.

Hire Kate as a Speaker

I am available for hire to give presentations about communication best practices.

Example Presentations:

Graduate School Presentations:

Blog Posts About Presentations:

The Patchwork Human 

I drew many figures for a new Evolution Book by Dr. Luykx!


Photoshopping Composite Images 

Composite photos add fun and interest to a new evolution book

Human Evolution Graphs 

Graphs from a new evolution book

Cleaning up Images for Better Printing 

Photoshopping an etching for better printing on paperback-quality paper

Rabbinet, 7 Years Later 

In November of 2014, I started building the Rabbinet enclosure for my pet rabbits. This year, my last senior rabbit past away. I’m looking for a new home for this enclosure. Please look here for photos of the whole thing and to understand the layout. However, that was when it was brand new. It is worn now, and could use some attention and repairs. I included some honest photos here. The big photo at the top of this post is what it looks like today. The original design had many exits from every level so that a rabbit would never…

Nodule Formation Figure 

A figure for a review about root nodule formation.

Stencil-Style Raccoon and Flying Squirrel

Cut-Out Decorative Screen 

Designing a cut-out pattern for a trash screen, and how to preview router-cut designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Capsule pill drawing colored green and orange

Pill Drawings for Article 

Medicine-themed drawings for the The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Wordle 1st & 2nd Words 

A list of useful words for your first and second Wordle Guesses.