I make a lot of slide decks

I am an expert slide maker (Power Point, Google Slides), and presentation planner. I am also a good coach for speakers at practice talks. I prepare many business and Industry presentations. Most are private, but here are some I can share.

Presentation Preparation

  • Complex animations in Power Point
  • Converting graphs into power point appropriate size and content
  • Import of original vector graphics into Power Point that can then be manipulated within Power Point like a ‘Microsoft shape’
  • Summarizing and condensing of text content
  • Coordinated color and font themes.

Animated Graphs & Methods

Coordinated color schemes for Power Point, GoogleSlides, and Prezi presentations.

Hire Kate as a Speaker

I am available for hire to give presentations about communication best practices.

Example Presentations:

Graduate School Presentations:

Blog Posts About Presentations:

Biology Congratulations Card 

Using elements of a specific curriculum to make a greeting card design.

Quantum Computing 

I drew this figure for Robert McDermott’s quantum computing lab at UW Madison. It accompanies their Nature paper on error correction in qubits.

Marriage Algorithm Journalism Diagram 

A flow-chart style diagram for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Table-Top Escape-Room-Style Games Reviews 

Ranked list of my favorite Escape Room puzzle games that I’ve played

Neuron Activation Diagram 

Diagram introducing how neurons transfer an itch sensation to the spinal cord

Plasma Cut-Out Door Guards 

Presentation on Cut-Out Door Guards

A Series of Fortunate Events 

Illustrations for a second Sean B. Carroll book!

Professional Development Presentation 

I gave a professional development lecture for my old graduate program

Interactive Animations 

Example of an interactive animation from Adobe Animate