Visual Commissions

A Scientific Approach

Highly Advanced

Adobe Illustrator (Drawings/Diagrams)

Adobe Photoshop (Photo Manipulation)

Adobe In Design (ADA accessible PDFs and books)

Microsoft Power Point (Presentations)

Microsoft Word (Documents)

Frequent User

Adobe Premiere (Video Editing)

After Effects Logo

Adobe Affter Effects (Animations)

Adobe Animate (Interactive Animations)

Adobe Audition (Audio sound editing)

WordPress (Websites)

Brizy Plugin (Websites)

As Needed

OpenScad (3D Rendering)

Blender (3D Rendering)

Common Tools

Javascript (Adobe Scripting, Google Sheets Scripting, Websites, Adobe Animate)

CSS (Websites)

Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheets/Graphs)

Google Sheets (Spreadsheets)


I can work under a fixed-price quote or on an hourly basis.


Hourly pricing aligns our goals as client and provider. Although some new clients prefer to start with a fixed quote, we usually wind up moving to hourly pricing by project 2 or 3.

I live-track my hours on a shared google sheet, so that as we navigate the project you can check in on my hourly status at any time.


After discussing your commission, I'll send you a fixed quote, which includes 2 rounds of revisions.


This popular option combines the benefits of both. There is a Fixed-Price for the first draft, and then hourly pricing for the revisions from there. 2


Project Estimates

The quote for an illustration will depend on both the details of the figure and how concrete your vision is. For instance, If you have a pencil sketch of your cell signaling diagram, I can often turn it into a publication-ready image in an hour or two for approximately $75-150. Obviously, the price would be more if we plan to develop a figure over a series of drafts or if the figures are complex. Assembling a trifold brochure from your photos and text would cost $150-$400. Business cards can range from $40 for simple concepts to $200 if they are covered in elaborate illustrations.


Payment is expected upon delivery of the final files. I can accept payment through credit card using PayPal, personal check, Zelle, or cash.


I am an exuberant teacher and would love to show you how to use Illustrator and Photoshop to make your next poster or visual project for my regular hourly rate

Digital Rights

Once payment is received, the final images I designed for a client belong to that client and they are free to use those images however they want in the future, including modifying them. 'Brainstorming images' made along the way that are not selected by the client for final use, still belong to me.


I'm in the Madison area of Wisconsin.