Pet Feeding Robot

February 2, 2022


I made a robot to give my pet rabbit pellet food in an enrichment ball on a timed schedule. I managed to put this together in just a couple days.

I presented this project at the Feb 2022 Sector67 Monthly Meeting. The presentation is mainly me showing the resources on this blog post, so there is substantial content overlap.

My Presentation for the Sector67 Monthly Meeting
Clover is very cute Rabbit who deserves her pellet food on a perfect schedule

I planed it out in Adobe Illustrator

I exported SVGs from Adobe Illustrator and made them 3D in OpenScad before 3D printing them at Sector67. I also laser cut the 2 wooden disks at Sector67. I think the warped wooden disks are the weakest part of this robot, and thinner, flatter, metal disks would be a nice improvement. Although, it does work pretty well in it's current confirmation.

Parts List


I put this program together using various tutorials and a lot of copy and pasting.

Thank you to Becka L, Chris M, and Brian V for their help!

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