Some Laser Cut Projects:

Time-lapse Seedling Camera System 

Instructions on how to make a timelapse camera system for recording seedlings.

Laser-Cut Phone Charger 

A laser-cut frame to help hold my cell phone centered on it's wireless charger.

Madison Magazine Article 

My makerspace and I were mentioned in a recent magazine article.

Award Plaques for Beer and Cheese Fest 

Brian Vespermann and I made laser cut plaques as awards for the Beer and Cheese Fest.

3D-Printed Trophy for OktoBEERfest 

Brian Vespermann and I made a beer themed 3D printed trophy for OktoBEERfest.


Possibly, my most useful build ever: the world's most elaborate rabbit enclosure.

Pine Cones 

I made some holiday lighted, scented pine cones on the laser cutter.

Laser Cut Invitation Cards 

The world's most elaborate, laser cut, wedding invitations.

Laser-Cut Heating Vent Cover 

I designed a laser-cut cover for my bathroom kick-plate heating vent.

Botanically Accurate Poison Ivy Costume 

Laser cut Poison Ivy Costume with leaves actually shaped like poison ivy

Pie Boxes 

Laser cut pie boxes for our wedding.