3D-Printed Trophy for OktoBEERfest

December 28, 2016


My friend, Brian Vesperman, and I were asked to make a 3D-printed trophy for the cask ale winner at the 2016 OktoBEERfest in Madison. We also included a Laser-Cut component too.

We were asked to incorporate a firkin, (a small steel cask) into the design.

At the event, Brian and I manned a tent where we demonstrated 3D printing.

I designed the firkin and wine stem in OpenSCAD, and Brian designed the hops handles in MeshMixer.

Using the logo from the event, I designed an acrylic label to go on the firkin.  A spot for the label was embedded in to the firkin design.  The acrylic label was laser cut and engraved on the Sector67 laser cutter. Brian used a rub-on paint to blacken the engraved letters.

Brian printed the trophy parts on a Lulzbot TAZ 4.  We painted them with metallic paints, including brass paint to which we applied a patina.

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