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Picking apart the problems with a very problematic data visualization.

Download this free tool that demonstrates PCR.

Some fun playful science diagrams.

Using paint markers to decorate a welding helmet.

A very simple script you can use for analytical measurements in Illustrator.

How to paint the edges of business cards to achieve a fancy effect.

Colorize black and white images in a non-destructive way that keeps your raw data unchanged and safe.

4 different brushes that look like DNA/RNA that can be applied to any path in Adobe Illustrator.

How to use LinRegPCR with a Roche 480 for qPCR / Real Time PCR.

Chords and tabs music made to fit inside your ukulele case.

Diagrams explaining how the eye perceives colors.

Adobe Illustrator brushes for showing growth patterns in Arabidopsis seedlings.

Printable solution stickers for the lab that satisfy the criteria of some chemical safety officers.

A brush that you can use to draw C. elegan nematodes quickly, wiggling whatever way you draw.

A brush for you to use in AI in order to draw Lignin squiggles in whatever shape you want.

Educational download that illustrates how to cross two different Arabidopsis plants.

Download this sheet to help explain how to genotype Arabidopsis T-DNA mutants.

Use this diagram to help explain the lifecycle of Arabidopsis

In 2003 I visited the Secession Building in Vienna, Austria where I saw Gustav Klimt‘s huge Beethoven Frieze painting. I was totally awestruck. It’s a raw and power painting, but beautiful at the same time with it’s delicate patterns.In an attempt to make my living room more like the Secession Building, in 2007, I started drawing my own Beethoven Frieze. This urge was originally instigated by my disgust that I could not purchase a print of the full painting (only sections of it were available). But soon the project grew into my own interpretation of the piece. This was an…