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C. elegans Brush for Adobe Illustrator 

A brush that you can use to draw C. elegan nematodes quickly, wiggling whatever way you draw.

Lignin Brush for drawing in Illustrator 

A brush for you to use in AI in order to draw Lignin squiggles in whatever shape you want.

How to Cross Arabidopsis 

Educational download that illustrates how to cross two different Arabidopsis plants.

Arabidopsis Insertional Mutants 

Download this sheet to help explain how to genotype Arabidopsis T-DNA mutants.

Arabidopsis Life Cycle Graphic 

Use this diagram to help explain the lifecycle of Arabidopsis

Kate’s Beethoven Frieze 

In 2003 I visited the Secession Building in Vienna, Austria where I saw Gustav Klimt's huge Beethoven Frieze painting. I was totally awestruck. It's a raw and power painting, but beautiful at the same time with it's delicate patterns.In an attempt to make my living room more like the Secession Building, in 2007, I started […]