Zozo Custom-Fit Clothing

November 13, 2018


I was one of the 100,000 people to sign up for the new 3D modeling clothing system by Zozo.  As a result, I got to try the service for free and got a pair of jeans and T-Shirt at no charge.
The polka dot suit and app worked well and it was fairly easy to place my order.

It took over 8 weeks for the clothes to arrive, and the tracking number never worked.  Even now it says the package is "in transit" even though I've had it for 2 weeks.
While I was waiting the 8 weeks, I emailed Zozo 3 times.  I also tried online chat during their open hours, but they are not always available.  I did finally hear back from one of my emails, and they said the package still hadn't shipped.  But that was wrong and it was really in my mailbox that day.
The fit is terrible.  They are not cut like women's jeans at all.

Not only do they seem like mens pants, but they are also too big in the waist and way to short for my legs.
I emailed these pictures to Zozo, and they wrote back that I could exchange them for a slightly modified version of the same clothes.  But the fit is so bad that I need more than just a smaller size.

The promise of custom clothing is a great idea, but the software has to be extremely sophisticated.  Not only does it have to translate our measurements into sewing patterns, but it need to make some spots tighter and some spots looser in order to give a flattering fit.  The pants should not merely skim your body (although these fail to do even that!), they also should nip you in some places and extenuate you other places.

The pants are unwearable in my opinion.  I could exchange them for a size 1.25 inches smaller, but I think they would still fit terrible, and I don't want to waste the companies shipping money.

The T-Shirt is fine.  It's just an over-sized, plain rectangular shirt.  I have a busty figure, but my shape is not taken into account because the T-shirt is still rectangular.  If you are MALE, and want plain baggy clothes, then Zozo might work for you.  For the rest of us, you'll get a better fit by trying on just a few non-custom jeans at your local store.

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