Graphs showing insufficient medical Oxygen in Africa

August 10, 2020


I made a bar chart and a network diagram for the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

It's an important story, and the people I worked with were delightful clients with very concise and clear communication skills, which I guess makes sense for journalists! ❤️ I hope to work with them again!

Check out the article, here.

I'm a little disappointed that the images are showing up a bit blurry on their website when viewed on desktop, since I did provide them with high resolution PNGs and JPEGs and even ever-crisp SVGs. I'm guessing that their website CMS platform is very limiting. Graphics can't handle the same compression level as photographs, and this CMS might treat everything the same. But I guess I'm a resolutionphile, so I'm extra sensitive to blurriness.

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