Cut-Out Decorative Screen

March 23, 2022


Stencil-Style Raccoon and Flying Squirrel

In Madison, there is a local regulation that commercial buildings need to hide their trash cans from view. Chris Meyer, director of Madison's Premiere Makerspace, Sector67, asked if I could help design a fun design for the screens that would hide the receptacles.

The trash area before the screen was added

In honor of our favorite Trash Pandas, I drew local nocturnal animals staging a heist attempt on the trash cans. I was inspired by the cute antics of Emily May Rose's paintings. The Sector67 trash screens feature an aerialist raccoon, an opossum with an acetylene torch, a raccoon with bolt cutters, rats with a key and a Lishi tool, muppetman raccoons with a hack saw, and a flying squirrel with traditional lock picks.

My design for the trash screens.

Chris used the large panel router at Sector67 to mill this design out of some existing sheets of coroplast and white-painted aluminum.

Chris used an 1/8 router bit to cut it out. Here is a video showing how to take the router-bit size into account when designing in Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator How-To Video using one of the rats as an example.
Chris and I with the finished trash screen!

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OMG! I love these panels sooo much! Thank you for contributing your amazing talent to Sector and jazzing up the outside of the building.

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