Uncle George's

Lost Tiki Cocktail Recipe

Based on your quiz skills, your drink should be safe after you have added your garnishes using the sack code:

Enjoy your well-deserved cocktail. It should taste like a warmly spiced mix of lemon and tangerine flavors. Thank you so much for playing!

When you are done, please:

  • Throw your tea light candle away (do not return it to the hamper).
  • Wash and return the glassware and tools to their respective containers.
  • Throw away your Used garnishes.
  • Return the empty glass vial from the red powder to the banana pouch it came from (no need to rinse, better to keep it dry).
  • Reassembling the entire hamper: if you are returning it to Kate, then you can just pile the stuff in and leave the lid open. If you are passing it on to another player, see reassembly.

Past Winners:

  • Riva R!
  • Jack R & Holly B
  • Scott, Laura, Luke, & Levi H
  • Kurt, Jim, Mandy, Forrest, & Diana
  • Leo T & Lexi T
  • Caitlin Z and Friends
  • Allison's Friend who didn't fill out the email form...
  • Marwa & Kelley
  • Bob B & Danielle E
  • Keith MF & Dee B
  • Becca L
  • Melissa and Seth F
  • Bryan S & Rup C
  • Kelly T & James T
  • Laima R and her Friend
  • Casey B, Kris B, Matt B, and Kailey B
  • Sara A & her Brother
  • Jan B, Ali B, Jen B, & Jer B
  • Brian V, Heather W, & Jim R
  • Sarah K & Justin M
  • Barbara R

Photo by Justin M.

Kelly and James


Melissa F

Photo by Sara A.

Rup and Bryan



Kurt A and Friends

Luke, Levi, Scott, & Laura