Uncle George’s

Lost Tiki Cocktail Recipe

Thank you so much for playing!

When you are done, please:

  • – Throw your tea light candle away (do not return it to the hamper).
  • – Wash and return the glassware and tools to their respective containers.
  • – Rinse and return the empty can to the treasure chest to stop the others from rattling.
  • – Return the empty glass vial from the red powder to the banana pouch it came from (no need to rinse).
  • – If needed, there is a complete manifest of components and correct pouches in the included manila envelope.

Past Winners:

  • Casey B., Kris B., Matt B., and Kailey B.
  • Sara A. & Her Brother
  • Jan B., Ali B., Jen B., & Jer B.
  • Brian V., Heather W., & Jim R.
  • Sarah K. & Justin M.
  • Barbara R.

Photo by Justin M.

Photo by Sara A.

Photo of Leeroy