Uncle George's

Lost Tiki Cocktail Recipe


-Use a tall clear glass, ideally, tiki-themed.

-Add 2 oz of Malibu Rum or non-alcoholic Seedlip Grove 42.

-Add 3/64 tsp of Red Cabbage Powder and stir to mix.

(This powder can be purchased on Amazon, as well as little measuring spoons to measure one scoop of 1/64 tsp and one scoop of 1/32 tsp, which together make 3/64. The vials in the kit also contain 1/64 tsp microcrystalline cellulose anti-clumping agent to help with storage.)

-If you are making a rum drink, add 1 oz of 1000PPM NaOH solution and f you are making a non-alcoholic Seedlip drink, add 2 oz of 1000PPM NaOH solution.

(In order to make the 1000PPM NaOH (aka Lye) stock solution, add 1g of NaOH to 1 litter of distilled water. If you use tap water, the NaOH will react with the calcium and produce an unsightly white precipitate, so distilled water from the grocery store is a better choice. In the absence of a gram scale, it's hard to use volumetric measurements for NaOH because it's sold in many different pellet sizes. For the particular product from amazon used here, one gram is about 15% less than 1/4 tsp.)

-Add 1/2 cup (about 4 oz, or half a Gina-Brand can) of Calamansi Juice.

(This juice is for sale in the Asian foods aisle of Woodman's grocery store, but can also be found on Amazon. Stores catering to Philippino cuisine should carry this.)

-Add ice to your cocktail.

-Add 12 drops of Bitterman's Elemakule Tiki Bitters.

(This is sold at Woodman's Grocery store, but also on Amazon. If needed, you could probably substitute a different brand of bitters.)

-Add an anise star, a decorative straw, some fruit, and any other decorations on hand.