Uncle George's

Lost Tiki Cocktail Recipe

Have you correctly made the lost recipe?


You have proven yourself worthy of the Lost Cocktail Recipe! In order to find the code to the last zippered sack, submit this email form to let 'the bar' know you finished.  
You have not passed the test.  You are unworthy of the secret recipe. Much like Fugu Shushi, upmost skill and care must be used to make this cocktail safely. You have almost certainly screwed it up, and you should not drink your tainted cocktail.  The Greatest Tiki Bar in the Midwest is doomed. Doomed! You may re-take this digital quiz.  

#1. What is the reason for "Cala" in the name of the Calamorpho Cocktail?

The correct answer is one of the *most important* ingredients in the cocktail.

#2. Does the Calamorpho Cocktail contain animal parts?

Did you read my notes?  If you still think that red powder came from a sea slug, then you are too gullible to be a keeper of the secret Calamorpho Cocktail Recipe.

#3. Why did I travel to Hawaii every year?

There is no water from a caldera lake in the Calamorpho Cocktail!  That would taste terrible!  Caldera Lakes are typically rich in sulfur, which smells like rotten eggs.  When I go to Hawaii, I don't hike up any volcanos.  I relax on the beach.

#4. What is the procession of colors that the drink underwent through the various steps of making it? ? See Video at k8baldwin.com/tiki/recipe

Visit the recipe page and watch the video for help with this.