Your bartender uncle has passed away, taking with him the recipe for the Tiki Bar’s most famous cocktail.

Can you solve the puzzles that Uncle George left behind to reveal the lost recipe?

  • [icon-tikiBasket]Uncle George’s Lost Tiki Cocktail Recipe is an Escape-Room-In-A-Box style game. It is played on a tabletop at home, with no pressure and no time limit. There is only one instance of this game in the world.
  • [icon-tikiCocktail]Solving each sequential enigma opens containers of the next ingredient in a cocktail. Actual drinks are made as the game is played.
  • [icon-tikiOptions]Ingredients are included to make both mocktail (non-alcoholic) or cocktail versions (each participant's choice).
  • [icon-tikiHeartPerson]Collaborative team activity, no ‘turns,’ no list of rules. No losers, no 'hot-seat', no pressure. Essentially impossible to fail.
  • [icon-tikiTime]Game time: 45 - 90 minutes. Any given player will only want to play it once because after that the solutions to the puzzles are known.
  • [icon-tikiPlayers]Players: 1 - 6 recommended, although enough ingredients for 12 drinks are included when game is fully stocked. The intended audience is adults, although teens playing along with their families will have fun too.
  • [icon-tikiBanana]All the puzzles are tiki-themed and tactile.
  • [icon-tikiEasy]Fun, fairly easy enigmas, requiring medium concentration.
  • [icon-tikiLight]Escalating, complete hints provided, thus preventing being 'stuck'.
  • [icon-tikiNoCode]No code-based puzzles.
  • [icon-tikiNoPencil]No paper or pencil required.
  • [icon-tikiCoconut]Beautiful materials.
  • [icon-tikiNotShippable]Unfortunately, it's impractical to ship this game due to it's weight and alcohol contents.
  • [icon-tikiK8]This game was made by Kate Baldwin for her friends and family to play at their homes. The game is played non-destructively, and then passed to the next household to play. Once the ingredient levels dwindle from game play, Kate can refill it for unlimited future rounds.