New Science Museum in Madison, WI

October 29, 2015


Madison welcomes the grand opening of the Science Museum.
I helped make the signs for the Sector67 room, which has exciting hands-on exhibits made by fellow Sector members ShiraBob, Nathan Meronek, Scott Hasse, Chris Meyer and more.

We made the ceiling signs using the vinyl cutter.  The tricky part was carefully sticking the vinyl to the acrylic in the right position, without rotation or wrinkles.  In order to make the acrylic frosted, Chris Meyer showed me how to sand it using the random orbital sander.  It was the first time that I has scratch acrylic on purpose.  The wall signs were printed regular paper using Sector's on large format printer and then sandwiched between acrylic.  All 3 layers were cut on the laser cutter to ensure a perfect line-up.

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