I make a lot of slide decks

I am an expert slide maker (Power Point, Google Slides), and presentation planner. I am also a good coach for speakers at practice talks. I prepare many business and Industry presentations. Most are private, but here are some I can share.

Presentation Preparation

  • Complex animations in Power Point
  • Converting graphs into power point appropriate size and content
  • Import of original vector graphics into Power Point that can then be manipulated within Power Point like a ‘Microsoft shape’
  • Summarizing and condensing of text content
  • Coordinated color and font themes.

Animated Graphs & Methods

Coordinated color schemes for Power Point, GoogleSlides, and Prezi presentations.

Hire Kate as a Speaker

I am available for hire to give presentations about communication best practices.

Example Presentations:

Graduate School Presentations:

Blog Posts About Presentations:

Kate’s Beethoven Frieze 

In 2003 I visited the Secession Building in Vienna, Austria where I saw Gustav Klimt‘s huge Beethoven Frieze painting. I was totally awestruck. It’s a raw and power painting, but beautiful at the same time with it’s delicate patterns.In an attempt to make my living room more like the Secession Building, in 2007, I started drawing my own Beethoven Frieze. This urge was originally instigated by my disgust that I could not purchase a print of the full painting (only sections of it were available). But soon the project grew into my own interpretation of the piece. This was an…