Logo design often does not have a set-assignment, and often a group of people are involved, and thus I prefer an hourly pricing plan. After discussing concepts and colors, the client chooses how many hours to have me brainstorm and work. One and a half hours of my time will produce an average of ~3-4 digital drawings, depending on the complexity of the designs. My rate is $65 per hour.) The client then looks over those ideas and can either select one of those, or pay for more time to refine one of them further, or to produce more options. For more information on my general terms, see Hiring Information.

  • The more information you can give me about what you want, the better the results
  • Sending me examples of even unrelated images with the style you like is helpful
  • Do you want something simple so that it still looks good went printed small? Or something more elaborate?
  • Many colors or few? If it's being used for a sign, then does the type of sign limit color number, or limit the use of gradients or shading?