I use my vector illustration skills to cut out objects with the CO2 laser cutter at Madison’s premier Makerspace, Sector67.

Some Laser Cut Projects:

The world’s most elaborate, laser cut, wedding invitations.

I designed a laser-cut cover for my bathroom kick-plate heating vent.

Laser cut Poison Ivy Costume with leaves actually shaped like poison ivy

Phil Roeder

An article written about how graduate school trained me to communicate science visually.

I helped with Sector67’s section of the new Madison Science Museum.

3D Model of beetle knob

Wiring a large lighting fixture using a cotton wood tree branch.

Paneled ion channel figure as well as an animated GIF of the channel opening.

I presented about the features of good and bad graphs at the UW Showcase.

Laser cut pie boxes for our wedding.

Method figures for one of my favorite professors.

A structure and kinetics figure for the Chanda Lab.

Animation to help explain a software project.

Part 2 of a vaccine infographic for a NOVA TV special.

Part 1 of a vaccine infographic for a NOVA TV special.

A seminar I am giving about good graphing techniques.

Your poster visitors will appreciate a solid introduction.

SNARE Complex

After Effects animation of SNARE Complex

Fun inspiration for protein diagrams.

Picking apart the problems with a very problematic data visualization.

Download this free tool that demonstrates PCR.

Some fun playful science diagrams.

Using paint markers to decorate a welding helmet.

A very simple script you can use for analytical measurements in Illustrator.

How to paint the edges of business cards to achieve a fancy effect.

Colorize black and white images in a non-destructive way that keeps your raw data unchanged and safe.

4 different brushes that look like DNA/RNA that can be applied to any path in Adobe Illustrator.

I made a large felt cell with organelles to help teach students the central dogma

How to use LinRegPCR with a Roche 480 for qPCR / Real Time PCR.

Chords and tabs music made to fit inside your ukulele case.