Can you solve the puzzles and escape?

Puzzle Page One

  • Series of diverse sequential Coronavirus-themed puzzles for fun
  • The puzzles are merely a series of URLs, which you can share with your team over text/chat
  • You can take a break at anytime if you just record the URL of the last K8Baldwin puzzle page you are on
  • The Puzzler has provided a robust set of hints at the bottom of each page, so don't get frustrated
  • It will probably take an hour+

If you are playing with friends over ZOOM (which is probably the funest way to play), I highly recommend having one person share their screen and the other plays use the ANNOTATE function to draw in their contributions.

It's the spring of 2020 and you have been locked in your house by The Puzzler in order to isolate during the Covid-19 epidemic. There is a digital lock on the exit door, but there are sequential puzzles to crack the code!

Can you solve the puzzles and escape quarantine?

Which one of these is not like the others?

Good Job! You found it!

You may now proceed to the next puzzle page:

Wow, that is totally the wrong one. Were you just guessing randomly? I mean, what happened here?

I guess you can be allowed one more guess....

The difference is on the lowest shelf in the pantry photo.

There is a pair of Purell Bottles only in the 3rd image. Clicking it opens a section which links you to: