Can you solve the puzzles and escape?

Puzzle Page Five

(CLICK to play, password below. No need to 'submit' this time, but don't close your crossword browser tab until you identify the letters in the circles.)

BUT WAIT! There's More!

Find the password to access the crossword by correctly selecting which one of these is a TOP VIEW of this Pyramid:

The first puzzle you need to solve in order to access the crossword is the spatial pyramid question.

If the camera panned up from it's current position, this is what it would see. Now rotate this image.

The password to enter the crossword is "FalseNegative." Make sure you spell it correctly, no spaces.

So, you actually don't need to complete the entire crossword. You only need to determine what letters are in the orange/green circles marked at the top of this page. Those letters will un-jumble to make a word.

The resulting circled letters are:


Unscramble them to make a word (the color of the circles will help you) and complete the URL for the next page

Just type that URL into the address bar at the top of your browser window.

You solved page four!


I would tell you a coronavirus joke now....

but you’ll have to wait two weeks to see if you got it!

Close this box and continue with your puzzle plight.