I can work together with you on your visual product or answer questions in person over over the Internet for $45 an hour.

Visual Commissions:

The Process

1) You and I talk about the commission.

2) I devise a quote and send you a contract similar to this one, which will include a time-estimate as well.

3) I may draft a quick sketch to send to you to see if we are sharing a single vision.

4) I send a draft of the work to you and then you reply with improvements.

5) The improvements are implemented; additional rounds of review may be required.

6) The final product computer file is sent to you in all relevant file formats.  You will own the image and you are free to use it or modify it in the future.

If the commission is for a printed item, I can help recommend printing types and companies, but I do not have a printing service.

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Pricing Estimates

The quote for an illustration will depend on both the details of the figure and how concrete your vision is.

For instance, If you have a pencil sketch of your cell signaling diagram, I can often turn it into a publication-ready image in less than an hour or two for approximately $45-90.  Obviously the price would be more if we plan to develop a figure over a series of drafts or if the figures are complex.  Assembling a trifold brochure from your photos and text would cost $150-$400.  Business cards can range from $40 for simple concepts to $200 if they are covered in elaborate illustrations.

Design of a simple website can cost $500-$1,00.  You will want to use an Internet company for purchasing your domain and for hosting it, and I can guide you in that process.


Payment is expected upon delivery of the final files.  I can accept payment through credit card using Pay Pal, personal check, or cash.