Visual Commissions:

I can communicate your ideas to your audience.

I am an expert user of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.  I am an expert level presentation maker with Power Point, Prezi, or Google Slides.  I also make and publish websites using Wordpress & Adobe Muse, multipage booklets using Adobe InDesign, and video editing in Adobe Premiere.

 As a molecular biologist, I am particularly well suited to devise ways to visually communicate your scientific ideas.

 Because I am a fast and careful illustrator, I can save scientists valuable time and produce an image that is more likely to get cited by other researchers.

If needed, I can sometimes offer next-day turnaround times.

Digital Rights:

Once payment is received, the final images I designed for a client belong to that client and they are free to use those images how ever they want in the future, including modifying them.  'Brainstorming images' made along the way that are not selected by the client for final use still belong to me.


I am also an exuberant teacher and would love to show you how to use Illustrator and Photoshop to make your next poster or visual project.


Location and Brainstorming

I am based out of Madison, Wisconsin, where I can meet in person with you to plan a dynamite figure or teach you how to use Adobe software.  However, phone calls, and particularly software like Team Viewer and Skype, make it equally easy for me to brainstorm with you no matter where you are located.

References available upon request.

Detailed Hiring &

Pricing Guidelines

Services Offered:

I offer many services, for examples see here.

Additional examples are shown in my portfolio/gallery.

I use the following software in order of frequency and mastery:

Adobe Illustrator (Drawings/Diagrams

Adobe Photoshop (Photo manipulation)

Adobe Muse (Website Design)

Microsoft Power Point (Presentations)

Microsoft Word (Documents)

Wordpress (Websites)

Adobe In Design (Multipage Layouts)

Adobe Premiere (Video Editing)

Prezi (Presentations)

Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheets/Graphs)

Adobe Affter Effects (Animations)

Kate Baldwin